So now I’ve got a blog. . .

And I’m not sure what, exactly, to talk about.

I like costumes.  I like to make costumes.  And it hurts me a little inside when someone who should know better does a terrible job on a costume.  Case in point:  “As You Like It” last night.  Rosalind’s first dress was heinous.  I’m sorry, but it was.  In a play where everyone else was wearing clothes from the 1780’s, she was wearing a dress from the 1580’s.  This would be like me wearing my empire dress to a party here in Lincoln, or some guy wearing a tricorn around for fun today.  It does not work.  Plus, the colors were horrible, and the style was terribly unflattering on this girl.  I felt so sorry for her, but what can one do?   The rest of the costumes in that play were AWESOME, especially for “Mosieur Le Beau” and “Touchstone”.

In other news, I made a Roman dress a few weeks ago, based off of Gladiator.  Pictures below.


Lucilla's Gold Dress

The dress I based mine on.


Roman Dress

My Roman Dress, after a week of sewing.

Apparently, I still need to work on Roman posture and walking.  I don’t see how Lucilla does it. . .
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  1. Sew good!

  2. Are you still thinking about study abroad? Junior year is often when students spend a semester or two abroad so now is the time to start identifying a program.

  3. Well, I really don’t know. Things change so much from day to day that I would hate to try to make plans for that just yet. It also really depends on what classes, etc., I will need to finish my degree. Study abroad may or may not happen.

  4. I really like your dress.I’ve always wanted to make a medieval style dress. But so far I’ve only made a colonial dress, and a 50’s wrap dress (it turned out too small for me!!)
    Hey, I’m glad you got a blog!! Just post everyday stuff. I know sometimes it can be hard to think of stuff to say. I love it when people post pictures. 🙂 I still can’t wait to learn how to knit socks. Will you by chance be home for thanksgiving???

  5. Well Anne, mainly I want to talk about dresses, which I can alwats think of something to say about that, but, what with time constraints and such. . . Yeah. There will probably be a new one up in a day or so.
    I would really like to see your colonial dress, and maybe I could show you mine! (Which I still have to get really nice pictures of myself in. . .)
    And yes, I will be home for Thanksgiving break. Maybe I could have you come over then and show you some of my dresses and teach you how to knit socks!

  6. That would be really fun. I would love to see all the dresses you have made. I’m afraid my colonial dress isn’t historically accurate though. It was just a cheap pattern I found somewhere and I thought it was cute. So a friend and I worked on it together (she made a matching dress from the same pattern).

  7. So, it’s a start! My first historical dress was a medieval/Lord of the Rings dress, and it wasn’t very accurate. Speaking of which, now I know what to talk about next!

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