Project Updates!

No, I’m not going to talk about my Nalbinding this time.  Sorry.  I have a few other things I promised to show here, so here they are:

Remember the Gambeson?

Develon's Gambeson

Develon's Gambeson

If you remember, I entered this Gambeson in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Medieval and Renaissance Studies Paper and Project Competition.  It tied for first.  With an interpretive dance interpreting the history of civilization.  It was a silly dance.  BUT I GOT FIRST!!!

Me and Dr. Levin, Head of the Med-Ren Program

Me and Dr. Levin, Head of the Med-Ren Program

That was at the program, after it was announced that I had won.  I got a 75-Dollar gift card to the Nebraska Bookstore here on campus as a prize, which I have already spent on ordering in some awesome books on Norse Clothing.  Hopefully, I won’t read these books and find out I’ve been doing everything wrong!!!

Also, if you remember, I was working on a new underdress and apron dress for my friend Jessica to wear at this year’s Tivoli Fest.  I have finished it!

Jessica the Herbalist

Jessica the Herbalist

And a close-up:

Detail of Neckline, Etc.

Detail of Neckline, Etc.

Jessica is going to be portraying an herbalist from Norway, about the beginning of the tenth century.  There are a few details of her costume that are different from mine, namely, there is no dress proper in her kit– just the underdress and an apron dress.  That is a more Norwegian aspect than my dress, which is from about the same time in Sweden, and has three layers.  Also, she is poorer than I am, so the materials of her dress are a lot rougher, especially that of the underdress.  However, her dress is a lot more fitted than mine, particularly in the apron dress.  This is something that came about in Norway sooner than in Sweden, since Sweden had more contact with Eastern Europe and Norway had more contact with Western Europe.  The straps are also wider, and she has a bit of embroidery in plain raw linen thread along the top of her apron dress, which was actually used to hem the top edge– it took exactly the same amount of time hemming it normally would have, and looks much nicer.  Her underdress is unpleated, and the neckline is oval, rather than keyhole-shaped.

As she is poorer, she has my old pewter brooches, which are earlier than her persona in style, and Swedish to boot, but we will be doing our best to fix that at a later date.  However, her pendant, which is also pewter (or at least I think it it is) is Norwegian and from her time period.  Also, she has a nice string of beads, which pretty much everyone wore, but they are in the more common colors of blue and black, rather than bright reds and greens, which were more popular in Sweden.

Also, she has a silk cap– not correct at all for a poor herbalist, but first of all, I can’t wear it with my hair color, and secondly, we are going to explain it away as an heirloom or gift and have her only wear it on very nice occasions.

So there you have the updates on what I have been doing!  Later, when I finish my hat, I will show you my nalbinding, I promise.

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