New Loom!

Bear with me here, for this short post.  I’m a little excited.


New Loom, 1952 Macomber 10-Shaft, 16 Treadle Floor Loom

New Loom, 1952 Macomber 10-Shaft, 16 Treadle Floor Loom

It’s a 1952 Macomber Loom, 10 Harness/Shaft, 16 Treadle.  It comes with innumerable heddles and four reeds in different sizes, and a free tapestry loom.  (I’m thinking it will be necessary to set up a sprang project on that later this week as well, or a little tapestry.  Not sure yet.)

I got it from a lady not too far from here, who had it for sale for a very reasonable price.  I got first dibs, and apparently about six more people called her after I did.  Hurrah for being fast at finding things on Craig’s List!

My first project is going to be a set of Swedish Cotton/Linen dishtowels, in red and white.  It’s the first 8-harness pattern I’ll ever do, and I’m simultaneously excited and nervous.

I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Name suggestions for my new baby are welcome.

The Back Beam of my New Loom.

The Back Beam of my New Loom.

(I feel I should also mention that my mom and dad were kind enough to drive the Suburban to David City with the stock trailer to help me get this loom.  There is no way it would have gotten to its new home otherwise.  Thanks!)

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